Be Free To Be Happy

Be Free To Be Happy is a new project that is funded by Awards or All.

We would like to thank Awards For All for supporting us by providing for 100 free therapy sessions for people who are affected by phobias, anxiety or depression.

There will be no financial charge for the session but participants will be asked to complete a short questionnaire relating to the severity of their symptoms before their session and again one month later.  The questionnaires can be kept anonymous if the participant prefers but the overall results will be used as evidence for research into the effectiveness of complementary health therapies in order for them to receive NICE approval so that the NHS can provide them on a larger scale free of charge.

The questionnaire is available to view at this link…..

We are very pleased to have Mark Church as our lead therapist on the project.  He will be taking time out from his very successful practice in Southwold and will be working with clients in Great Yarmouth and Norwich.

Recovering from anxiety disorders with EFT – Notes from Mark Church

Negative emotions can be very powerful and damaging to our wellbeing, and are not always recognised to be the cause of ill health. They can create pain, fatigue, insomnia, affect hormones, muscle tone and posture and weaken our very important immune system, as well as diagnosed physical conditions.

It can affect how we want to improve and move our life forward, being able to achieve our goals. It can have an effect on relationships, self-confidence, motivation, self-worth, attitude, our work performance and many more.

I have experienced many times clients who come to my practice with physical ailments and pain, which can be caused by or made worse by emotional issues that have not been dealt with sufficiently. These issues relate to something that has happened in the past or a near future event, involving emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, grief, regret, resentment etc. We sometimes say “I feel really angry that …”, “I feel guilty that I didn’t…” or “I am still grieving over the death of …”.

How does EFT work?

EFT Stress Release saves a lot of counselling and painful talking and gets to the root quickly.

We can identify and eliminate the stress from any time in our lives using various techniques that are quick, extremely effective and safe. Tapping into the subconscious, using muscle testing and eye movements will remove stress without the need for lots of emotional counselling sessions.

We have come to believe that ´psychological problems´ have to take numerous therapy sessions to correct. A psychologist, Philip Warren, says contrary to most psychotherapeutic assumptions, you “do not have to smell, examine, classify and sort your rubbish before you can dispose of it” Stress release will help you ´let go´ easily of what you no longer need without having to talk about it.

Always with the permission of the client and in a safe and controlled environment, we work with the emotion using the various techniques that I have and clear it from the mind / body system safely, efficiently and the physical pain will start to ease away, returning the client to a better state of health mentally and physically.

Listed below are some of the areas that stress release can help support:

  • Phobias, Fears, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Nightmares
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Behaviour
  • Addictions
  • Depression, Lack of confidence, Low self-esteem, Frustration
  • Anger, Rage, Embarrassment, Guilt, Grief, Hate and any other “stuck” emotion

It doesn’t matter how long ago or from where the emotion or trauma came from, this technique can make a difference to your life if you are ready to move forward, by letting go.

“I´ve had a lot of counselling over this issue that happened in my childhood, and one session with you, and it has completely gone. I can´t believe how different I feel and I haven´t had to tell you about it” RW

Mark Church  TIDHA  MIFPA  MAR  KF Assoc

“We treat all people as individuals, giving them the support they need to improve their mental health and happiness with an individual therapy session or increase their employment opportunities by attending our training workshops.

Thanks to our funders our services are free of charge and the only investment we expect from our clients is their time and their trust that we will do our best for them.”
Chief Executive, Pat Murch