The aims of the organisation are “To provide therapies, training and activities to enable people of all ages to reach their full potential and appreciate their local heritage”

We provide excellent, independently verified research to establish which complementary health therapies achieve the most effective results and warrant public funding. We also provide a wide range of complementary health therapies including both training workshops and therapy sessions by qualified therapists. Please enquire for further information.

We currently have funding from Big Lottery Awards For All and Great Yarmouth Youth Advisory Board for projects. See projects page for more details.

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We have offices, therapy rooms and training facilities in Norwich, Upton, Southwold and Great Yarmouth, but can also deliver training and therapy sessions in your own premises if you prefer.

“We treat all people as individuals, giving them the support they need to improve their mental health and happiness with an individual therapy session or increase their employment opportunities by attending our training workshops.

Thanks to our funders our services are free of charge and the only investment we expect from our clients is their time and their trust that we will do our best for them.”
Chief Executive, Pat Murch